Discover the most magical places in this province of the Basque Country, a province that encompasses many. Villages, monuments and charming spaces spread along its coast and interior.

What to see in Bizkaia

Architecture, tradition and avant-garde

In Bizkaia, we can enjoy experiences of all kinds, taste its cuisine, contemplate nature or learn about the culture and history of the Basque Country among many other things, but the most important thing in an area are undoubtedly the towns that make it up and its people , small corners that are certainly worth discovering.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Learn about the section where Game of Thrones was recorded.In the municipality of Bermeo, between Cape Matxitxako and the town of Bakio there is a coastal section that is characterized by its spectacular eroded landscape full of caves and natural arches, cataloged by Biotopo protected by both the quality of its waters as per the historical interest of the area, whose first written mention dates from the s. XI

In the center of this space stands the magical promontory of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. In the form of a peninsula in the middle of the Cantabrian and joined to the land by a narrow bridge built on the rocks, this rock is culminated by a small hermitage located 80 meters above sea level dedicated to San Juan, which is accessed through 231 steps that climb the rocky slope.

Bizkaia Bridge

The Bizkaia Bridge is from July 13, 2006, the only monument of Euskadi included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, and the only one included in the category of Industrial Heritage of the entire State.

It was the first shuttle bridge in the world and has been operating since its inauguration in 1893. In the place where the estuary of Bilbao widens to merge with the sea, this splendid engineering work by the Biscay architect Alberto de Palacio, disciple and collaborator of the French Gustave Eiffel, author of the famous Parisian tower, with which the bridge rises It looks great.


Lekeitio is a beautiful fishing village on the coast of Bizkaia that offers many points of interest to the visitor. The streets of its old town offer us the opportunity to enjoy an abundant artistic heritage, represented by the Basilica of the Assumption of Santa Maria with its magnificent gold-plated Gothic altarpiece, considered the third largest in the State and a wide representation of buildings architectural.

These include, among others, the palaces of Uriarte, Oxangoiti, Uribarri and Abaroa. Other places that deserve to be visited are the Isuntza bridge, the island of San Nicolás, which we can access on foot at low tide, and the lighthouse of Santa Catalina

Oma Painted Forest

The small neighborhood of Oma, in Kortezubi, encloses in the vicinity of the caves of Santimamiñe a unique enclave known as the Animated Forest, one of the best known works of the Basque artist Agustín Ibarrola, and expression of the so-called “land art”, creative current that arises at the end of the sixties of the twentieth century and whose purpose is to transfer artistic work to nature, using the landscape as a framework, support and raw material for the artist.

As we walk through the Forest, the figures are created, they are composed before our eyes: sometimes the figure of a single tree has an entity in itself, while in other cases it is necessary to observe the set of several trees to understand the work.

In short, a “personalized” visit, in which the artist manages to make the visitor the protagonist of his work.


The region of Las Encartaciones is located at the westernmost end of Bizkaia, occupying approximately one fifth of the total extent of said historical territory.

If something characterizes it is the combination of a privileged natural environment where we can visit among other wonders the Cave of Pozalagua, unique in the world for the great concentration of eccentric stalactites, or the Greenway of Galdames, dense industrial landscape that takes us to the Virgin forests near the Nervión River, with a rich cultural and monumental heritage that treasures a landscape full of tower houses, baroque palaces, churches, hermitages, houses of Indians, bridges, ironworks, etc.

Bermeo Fisherman’s Museum

One of the few museums that tell the hard life of fishermen and their customs and habits. Among the walls of the imposing Ercilla Tower declared a National Monument in 1943, is the Fisherman’s Museum, better known as Arrantzaleen Museoa.

In it we can find the hard life that the arrantzales of the time led, the tools they used for jobs such as fishing or whaling and their guild organizations. This building belonged to the Ercilla family, a wealthy Gipuzkoan family from the time of nobles and writers.

Mining Museum

A beautiful initiative dating from 1986 in order not to lose the elements and essence that make up the Biscay of today. This non-profit entity constitutes an exit to abandonment that meant in the middle of the industrial crisis the techniques and way of operating of the former miners.

In 2001, this museum, dedicated to the study and dissemination of the mining culture of the Basque Country and especially Bizkaia, opens its doors to the Grove in the Old Slaughterhouse in the Gallarta neighborhood to an unimaginable collection of machines, parts, techniques and documentation of what were the old iron farms.

If you want to get an idea of the hard working conditions of the miners through a large collection of photographic material, models and other surprises, you will love this place.

El Pobal Forge

Located in the municipality of Muskiz is this attraction although somewhat unknown hardware. Dated from the 16th century, this old hydraulic factory was responsible for building a good part of the machinery of the hamlets and tower houses that nowadays inhabit Enkarterri.

It had its moment of splendor at the end of the 17th century, moment of construction of the workshop and when it had to modernize to follow the demands of the time and to remain competitive. Today the flame of this old hardware store still shines and on Saturdays the ferron master still surprises with an incredible demonstration that fills the building with fire.

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