Activities for children

Discover the maritime culture of Bilbao and Bizkaia with your family, through exhibitions and activities for all ages.

Learning Centre

This area is intended to be entertaining and fun for children.

It is designed with children in mind and equipped with educational games and tools to encourage families to stay longer. The learning centre has the same opening hours as the museum itself, except when there are activities programmed under the educational programme.

The museum through Playmobil figures

A different way of understanding the permanent exhibition.

The learning centre offers seven dioramas put together using Playmobil action figures which represent content from the permanent exhibition in a family-friendly way. Each scene features hidden figures. Can you find them all?


Have a maritime birthday party at Itsasmuseum!

A fun but educational birthday treat in a special setting, in which you can go on a unique treasure hunt with your friends and take home your own hand-crafted souvenir of an unforgettable day

The workshop can be supplemented by a birthday tea catered by Nave 9.

More information

  • Age: 6-9 (primary education)
  • Language: choice of Basque or Spanish
  • Duration: 5 h for the museum workshop plus the birthday tea (around 1h)
  • Dates & times: Saturdays or Sundays, 17:00 – 19:30
  • Organisation: at least 10 and at most 20 children. During the workshop, children are accompanied by a museum guide, with no other adults. At the birthday tea at least one responsible adult must be present.
  • Price (including VAT): workshop only – €10 per child. Workshop plus tea – €15 per child. 20% discount for Friends of the Museum
  • Bookings: tel. 946 085 512
  • Queries:

Large Sailing Ships Programme

Don’t miss the chance to board one of the classic sailing ships that visit us.

This programme enables younger children and their families to enjoy the experience of visiting a historical ship and discovering the secrets of sailing.

Gabarra Itsasmuseum

The Euskalduna docks

A unique experience without leaving Bilbao.

As they stroll through these docks, which date back over 150 years, visitors can view the ships in the museum’s collection from a privileged position and can actually board the barge used by Athletic de Bilbao FC to celebrate trophy wins, where they can take a photo with the San Mamés Stadium in the background.

Port Centre

Get to know the current Port of Bilbao and the work done there.

ÁThis specific area of the permanent exhibition uses technology and interactive games to show visitors the work currently done at the Port of Bilbao. Don’t miss it!

Guided tours of Erain

Learn how traditional shipwrights worked in their yards along the coast of Bizkaia in the 20th century.

Erain is an exhibition that highlights the economic and social significance of shipwrighting in Bizkaia in the last century. It features a live workshop in which visitors can take part, and a tour of the ships at the Euskalduna docks which form part of the museum’s ship maintenance plan and stand witness to the maritime history of Bizkaia.


This digital aid, which can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS operating systems, adds a whole new dimension to your visit. The Smart Guide is available in Basque, Spanish, English and French. It works with 23 information points distributed throughout the permanent exhibition and can be used in line with the interests of each visitor. For children there is a pirate-themed treasure hunt. Las niñas y niños disponen de una visita infantil en forma de gynkana pirata.

PFor visitors who are unable to use the audio-guide on their mobile phones or simply prefer not to do so, audio-guide devices are available from the museum ticket office at a charge of €2.

There is WiFi throughout the exhibition area.

Get to know Bilbao from the ria

Sports and cultural activities for families

Children must be at least 10 years old, must know how to swim and must be accompanied by at least one adult. There is no need to book in advance. Ask at the museum ticket office about availability. Price (including VAT): €10 per person.


Family plans

Do you want to spend a family day in Itsasmuseum?
Here we propose other plans that can complete your family day in Bilbao.

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