Sea, the red cadmiun has not come

Mar, el rojo cadmio no ha venido, (Sea, the red cadmiun has not come) is an exhibition by the artist Lorea Oar-Arteta in which the sea is the protagonist.

It is made up of works in which the colour blue and matter play a decisive role. All the works have water and the ocean as their central axis. As Lorea Oar-Arteta explains: “I come from a family of sailors, I myself like the sea, I like to feel it, look at it, listen to it, smell it, inside and outside, up close, from afar, I like what it generously brings to my table. I try to tell what it suggests to me and to share the sensations and emotions it provokes in me. I cannot forget the discomfort that its deterioration causes me, the tragedy that its waters constantly bring to our shores. […]

The exhibition consists of an installation of different types of painted paper suspended from the ceiling. “If we stand in front of the sea we immediately see that it moves and sounds. I try to represent a small ocean with an installation that invites the viewer to penetrate it, gently, respectfully, delicately, attentively, to move to its rhythm and make it sound. It encourages us to take part”, Lorea explains.

On the other hand, she also presents works hung on the wall on canvas and paper. “I have basically used two colours to talk about the sea. Hence the allusion in the title of the exhibition to the fact that cadmium red has not come”.

The author also works with the moving image and brings here an audiovisual piece created in collaboration with Luisa Montes, which puts the view on the estuary and lets the sounds of Bilbao speak.

Another short audiovisual piece and some photographs, also by Montes, provide an insight into the work process developed in the studio.

Finally, in the works Pieza papererako Le Larraskito Kluba 2016 and Espora 18.11.2022, Lorea organises sounds of various origins, some conceived for music in the strictest sense, while others show a special interest in raw sounds, simply thought out and ordered. Everyday sounds to which we often pay no attention, but with which we live.

The exhibition will be open from March 7 until May 1.

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