Photographic exhibition by Jesús de Echebarria e Ibargüengoitia

The photographs of Bilbao-born Jesús de Echebarria e Ibargüengoitia illustrate the traditional Bilbao Port Authority calendar for 2024, which can be purchased at Itsasmuseum Bilbao. All the images will also be on display until January 24 in large format on the esplanade of the museum.

This initiative aims to recover and disseminate the work of photographers who, through their eyes, reflected the environment of the estuary and the port, with the people of both margins as undeniable protagonists of the life that took place on its banks, docks and waters.

Pioneer of stereoscopic photography on glass plates at the beginning of the 20th century, Jesús de Echebarria e Ibargüengoitia (Bilbao 1882 – 1962) was a lover of light and landscape. His photographic production was mainly concentrated in the 1910s in Paris and Berlin, was published in various magazines of the time and was recognized in various competitions and contests.

The Arenal and Olabeaga docks, the Deusto waterfront, Las Arenas beach or the Bizkaia Bridge are some of the places photographed in the 13 images selected to illustrate the cover and the twelve months of the new edition of the Port Authority’s calendar.

The scenes, captured between 1911 and 1934, come from the Echebarria Mugertza family archive, and reflect both port activity and daily life, with the estuary and the port as the focal point. The black and white originals have been restored, digitized and colored for inclusion in the calendar.

With this new edition of the calendar, the Port Authority continues with the task of recovering and disseminating the legacy left to us by great photographers such as Eulalia Abaitua, Telesforo de Errazquin, Germán Elorza or Jesús de Echebarria and Ibargüengoitia himself, artists who immortalized with their cameras the soul of a territory turned towards its estuary and its sea.

The calendar is available at Itsasmuseum Bilbao and can be purchased, together with two tickets, for 8 euros, or separately for 5.