Life between tides

The Bilbao Estuary has marked the origins, lifestyles, culture and character of Bizkaia and its people.

Life between tides is a project that simultaneously hosts two complementary exhibitions that propose a journey through the history of the Bilbao Estuary: one in the Punta Begoña Galleries in Getxo and the other in Itsasmuseum Bilbao, two strategic locations in an estuary that has marked the history of Bizkaia for centuries.

The exhibitions incorporate photographs, audiovisual documents, living testimonies and other artistic elements that reflect the trades, beliefs, competitions, rites, festivals and celebrations, of a way of life that has forged a character, and has constituted a unique intangible heritage, common and shared by a large part of the population of Bizkaia, key to understanding the relevance of the Bilbao Estuary from a human, cultural and social point of view. Almost 80% of the population of Bizkaia and 50% of Euskadi live along the estuary.

On the 20th anniversary of the Unesco Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, Life between tides wants to join the emerging movement for the recognition of rivers as the cradle of civilizations, cultures and social developments existing internationally, through the protection of the enormous Intangible Heritage of the Bilbao Estuary.

Life between tides is the result of a collaboration between the Punta Begoña Galleries of Getxo and Itsasmuseum Bilbao.

In Itsasmuseum the exhibition extends both outside the museum, with a selection of stunning photographs exhibited on port containers, and inside, which highlights an unpublished audiovisual piece, filmed in 1925, on the port of Bilbao and that is an authentic archaeological and visual work.

The exhibition can be visited at Carol Iglesias Espazioa until October 8 and access is free.


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