Itsas BiodibertsitARTEA

Itsas BiodibertsitARTEAn, is an exhibition in which the third year students of the Art and Creation and Design Degrees of the Fine Arts Faculty of the UPV/EHU present a selection of artistic proposals in which they address, through different plastic languages, the ecological problems and the need to preserve biodiversity on the planet.

Together with them, a large-format sculpture by Jose Ángel Lasa represents the current situation of the planet in the eyes of its author.

Through art and contemporary creation it is possible to bring together scientific and humanistic disciplines, to delve into issues as relevant as CO2 emissions, the climate crisis or the overexploitation of natural resources, and its effect on society.

In addition, art and contemporary creation not only illustrate or represent, but also communicate and make visible current issues from different ethical and political positions.

The exhibition has been coordinated and organized by the group ARTEKOM. Art and communication for the energy transition, within the Campus Bizia Lab program of the UPV/EHU and is part of the activities scheduled for the week: Basque Environment and Ocean Week, BEOW 2023, which from June 5-11 organized by the Nakusarbe Foundation and Itsasmuseum Bilbao.

It can be visited in the Carol Iglesias Espazioa hall, free of charge, until June 18.

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