Elkano. Navegation and Science.

The temporary exhibition “Elkano. Navigation and Science” explains the navigation techniques of the early 16th century. These techniques were used by Juan Sebastian Elkano and his crew 500 years ago to circumnavigate the globe for the first time. In this expedition, a historic landmark for humanity, the stars were immensely important and a decisive factor in the leap from cabotage to ocean navigation. Today, despite the great advances in science and technology during these centuries, the stars have continued to guide us in top-tier space projects such as the moon landing.

Xabier Armendariz, Marine Historian and exposition curator, explains: “ twelve panels in three themed units highlight the professionalism that made Elkano and his crew one of the best sailing teams of all time, far from their traditional reputation as fortune hunters.”

The exhibition includes a collection of copies of the technical instruments and scientific equipment used around the world with explanations of their operation. Visitors will also see how astronomical navigation tools and techniques have evolved since the Magallanes-Elkano expedition set the stage for future ocean voyages.

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