The health of the oceans

Itsasmuseum has a new space dedicated to the environment and marine sustainability: The health of the oceans.

This specific space is part of an ongoing journey during which the Itsasmuseum. It cements our commitment to sustainability while raising awareness of the harm we are causing the marine ecosystem and the destruction of fauna and flora by human irresponsibility and our increasingly frenetic way of life.

The exhibition, on the upper floor next to the sports and leisure area, has been curated by Javier Franco San Sebastian, a researcher at AZTI, and presents various aspects related to the health of the oceans.

It consists of eight modules containing texts, images and objects that address the global condition of the oceans from the following perspectives: marine waste, waste degradation, microplastics, pollution assessment techniques, invasive species, marine energies, circular economy and ecosystem recovery.

This space has been sponsored by the Basque Government’s Directorate of Natural Heritage and Climate Change, the Basque Water Agency (URA), and BIMEP – Biscay Marine Energy Platform.

Stand-out exhibits

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