The Port Of Bilbao Today: Port Centre

The current Port of Bilbao facilities extend over an area of three million square meters. The port runs regular connections with 800 other ports all over the world. It operates with all types of goods and vessels, with crude oil as its main liquid bulk cargo and steel products as its leading conventional and containerised general merchandise. The area with which there is most trade is the Atlantic rim of Europe, though markets are also being consolidated on the North Atlantic coast of America, the Asia Pacific region and the South Atlantic coast of America.

This area features interactive, audiovisual exhibits aimed at giving the public a close-up view of what the Port of Bilbao is really like and how it operates, how important it is and what challenges face it in the future.

The port has long been an important driver of economic and social development in the Bilbao area. As such it has gradually grown into a large, modern port with good connections and a broad range of maritime services which enable it to offer all-round services and access international markets.

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