Large Sailing Ships Programme

May 2023
The training ship Urania of the Royal Netherlands Navy was docked at Itsasmuseum from May 5 to 8. During its stay it opened its doors so that the public could get to know the ship from the crew.
Georg Stage
September 2022
From September 6th to 10th, the training ship Georg Stage docked at Itsasmuseum in the first visit of this 54-meter long frigate to Bilbao. The ship left the Frederikshavn Shipyard (Denmark) in 1934. The first "Georg Stage" was launched in 1882 and became one of the first ships to be used exclusively for the training of young seafarers. Apparently, the Danish shipowner Frederick Stage and his wife had it built in memory of their 22-year-old son Georg, thus initiating a philanthropic project to help young people who, like their son, loved the sea.
July 2022
From July 18 to 21, the tuna ship MATER, converted into an Ecoactive Museum Ship, returned to Itsasmuseum with its initiative Zero Zabor Uretan 2022. During its stay, it offered a program of open activities with the aim of raising awareness about the situation of the seas and the environment: workshops and children's games in the port, visits to the ship or a march of marine giants, among other proposals.
July 2022
On July 29 and 30, the frigate Shtandart, a faithful replica of the first frigate of the Baltic Fleet, built in 1703 by order of Tsar Peter the Great, revisited Itsasmuseum. The ship, named after the imperial standard, was launched in 1703 at the Olonets shipyard and captained by the Tsar himself on his first military mission in the Baltic Sea.