Carolaren Arima

Friday and Saturday at 09:00 p.m.

The “Carolaren Arima” initiative brings the Carola Crane, a beloved, representative symbol of Biscay, alive, raising awareness and serving as a launchpad for talent and culture.

Carolaren Arima is an artistic lighting project featuring the Carola Crane and funded by the Provincial Council of Biscay and Obra Social BBK. This initiative, which combines art, technology and innovation, gives visibility and life to one of the most beloved and representative symbols of Biscay, a key piece in the industrial heritage of the territory. The crane is artistically lit, making it a beacon of Biscay for all to appreciate and creating a new platform to showcase local talent and culture.

The project was launched in September 2020 with an artistic light and sound show on more than 60 metres of the iconic crane, with live music, light and historical images projected on the facade of the Casa de Bombas, an outstanding piece from the Itsasmuseum collection.

Itsasmuseum sponsored the idea, Jon Astorquiza was the artistic director of the project and Asaken, a company specialising in vertical works, participated in the design and execution of the project. Fifteen powerful lights were positioned strategically around the structure. Based on DMX technology and solution, the lighting system chosen for the installation controls individual spotlights to create artistic effects and dynamic shows.

Carolaren Arima is advancing toward what will eventually be a dynamic light-sound show. We have started by lighting the Carola crane every night with static illumination. However, already, every hour, visitors can appreciate an effect that emulates a placid “breath” through a subtle and elegant play in the intensity of the lights. The day when the crane delivers complete, dynamic, steady and regular light and sound shows is ever closer.