Carol Iglesias Espazioa

The project to rename one of our rooms after Carol Iglesias Espazioa was inspired by the desire to tell the story of Jeronima Carlota Iglesias, better known as “Carol Iglesias”, the woman after whom the Carola crane is named. It looks at her as a person, and analyses how the history of women is written, told and shared in society.

Carol Iglesias Espazioa is the name of the room and a tribute to Geronima Carlota Iglesias Hidalgo, fondly known as Carol Iglesias. She lived on the right bank and crossed the estuary four times a day in a passenger boat called Misericordia, travelling through the shipyards to her workplace on the left bank, to the shouts, complement and catcalls of the Euskalduna shipyard workers.

The room contains a permanent collection, consisting of a reading in Basque and Spanish. The poem by Isabel Martin Lo normal (written and audio), starts automatically when visitors enter the room, inspiring reflection and promoting equality, respect and coexistence among people.

Carol Iglesias Espazioa was inaugurated and launched in Itsasmuseum with a poetry recital, Emakume, ikusten zaitut/Te veo, mujer, featuring authors such as Isabel Martín, Elisa Rueda, José Blanco, Amaia Barrena, Mariasun Landa, Itziar Mínguez, Aitor Gabiola, Pablo Müller and Ritxi Poo, among others.

This event is commemorated in this libretto that contains all the poems in the recital.