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Itsasmuseum tells the story of a culture: a maritime culture. The close links that Bilbao and Bizkaia and their people have maintained with the sea have forged a unique identity and unique traditions, which are featured in all areas of our exhibitions and programme of events.

Permanent Exhibition

Temporary Exhibitions

May 11, 2023 - September 10, 2023.

The eye of the whale

Composed of about twenty scientific-artistic photographs of the retina of a whale, enlarged and colored, the project presents, in a visual and attractive way, the conclusions of a rigorous scientific research that has allowed to know some aspects of the vision of whales.

05.22.2023 - 06.18.2023

Itsas BiodibertsitARTEA

Itsas BiodibertsitARTEAn, is an exhibition in which the third year students of the Art and Creation and Design Degrees of the Fine Arts Faculty of the UPV/EHU present a selection of artistic proposals in which they address, through different plastic languages, the ecological problems and the need to preserve biodiversity on the planet.

Together with them, a large-format sculpture by Jose Ángel Lasa represents the current situation of the planet in the eyes of its author.


ERAIN Shipwrighting

A social innovation project that seeks to revive 20th century shipwrighting in Bizkaia. It comprises an exhibition, a live workshop and the vessels in the collection at the Euskalduna docks

Large Sailing Ships Programme

Large Sailing
Ships Programme

Under this programme, Itsasmuseum welcomes large sailing ships from all over the world throughout the year. These historical vessels generally offer open days, guided tours and activities on board for all ages.