Conference, ‘A painter in search of his landscapes’, by Begoña Alcalá Galiano.

Begoña Alcalá-Galiano, the artist's granddaughter and an expert on his work, will give a lecture on Álvaro Alcalá Galiano y Vildósola on the occasion of the temporary loan of the work Holanda. Mal Tiempo, (Holland, bad weather) which will be exhibited for the next few months at Itsasmuseum, as part of the program La obra invitada (The Invited Artwork).

Conference, 'A painter in search of his landscapes'
Begoña Alcalá Galiano



19:00 - 20:00 h.

Free admission

The painter from Bilbao combines in his work the rigidity of a classical education with the freedom of his own sensitive gaze. He is inspired by the sea, where he goes again and again. First in the Bilbao estuary and in the villages of the Basque coast. Then, at the dawn of the new century, he moves to places like Holland or Brittany, in search of different and deep emotions, of new ways of expressing himself through his paintings. Seascapes, sailboats and fishermen populate his works and acquire in his palette new forms and colors, sometimes luminous, sometimes melancholic and always sincere and personal.

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