Temporary exhibition
Nuevo Anchústegui, "Gure Señoriti"

A unique and unrepeatable boat. Until April 7, 2024 at Carol Iglesias Espazioa.

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Feel the salt air and smell the sea in the middle of Bilbao - with everything you need to guarantee a safe and pleasant visit. If you prefer, we can bring the museum to you with the "Digital Itsasmuseum"

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Biscay and its people have lived for centuries by and for the sea: a door to the world and a connection with other traditions and cultures.

Itsasmuseum shows us the maritime universe that extends from the Estuary of Bilbao to the Bay of Biscay.

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Our museum is a dynamic, friendly place open to public participation, which offers visitors a unique experience as they discover the maritime heritage and culture of Bilbao and Bizkaia.

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Nuevo Anchustegui, “Gure Señoriti”

This is a journey through the history of a unique and unrepeatable boat, the oldest representative of an era and a fundamental typology in the development of traditional inshore fishing in the Basque Country that reflects the know-how of the coastal carpenters who populated the coast of Bizkaia in the twentieth century.

Selma Huxley: discovering the Basques in 16th-century Terra Nova

A pioneering scientist and historian of international renown. Her work, of great relevance to the maritime history of the Basque Country and Canada, focused on the little-known Basque expeditions to Terra Nova, today's Atlantic coast of Canada, during the 16th and 17th centuries.


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ilustración de la grúa Carola

The “Carola” crane

An iconic witness to Bilbao’s past industrial and maritime culture, and one of the flagship exhibits of Itsasmuseum.

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ilustración de los diques


The history of the Euskalduna docks stretches back over 150 years. They are currently home to the main vessels in our collection.

ilustración de la casa de bombas

Pump house

This building houses the pumps used to drain the docks and keep them dry.

ilustración de erain


This project seeks to preserve knowledge of the trade of shipwrighting and highlight its importance in Bizkaia in the 20th century.

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ilustración del Itsasmuseum


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